Harvard Square. Cambridge, MA

32’ wide x 12’ high

Providence, RI

Central Square,

Cambridge, MA

Downtown Crossing

Boston, MA

Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA - design based on Spiral Nebula M51

from a Hubble Space Telescope photograph.



First concepts and designs for light nets for downtown Boston were inspired by several seasons working on a commercial salmon fishing boat in the Gulf of Alaska.

When it is not raining... the night sky above the open ocean displays a magnificent dome of starlight.

experience with trolling lines and rigging systems informed hanging methods and fabrication details


project credits

many artists have worked as collaborators & creative project assistants, including:

Doug Fitch

Jen Mergel

Shannon Flattery

Mary Lucking

Beatrice Ward

Hillary Fry

Anna Davis

George Wray

contractors & riggers:

Charlie & Joe Occhino

Chris Halligan

original concept, fabrication system, design details, installation coordination,
& life cycle maintenance:

Ross Miller

30 million light years from earth the Whirlpool galaxy, Messier 51, is over 60,000 light-years across. M51's spiral arms of stars and dust lanes sweep and distort in reaction to the gravitational forces of it’s smaller companion galaxy, NGC 5192.

Artwork for light nets for Lowell, MA (2009) inspired by water turbulence patterns seen in 19th C. mill canals.

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