Design Team

Project Artist

   Ross Miller

Landscape Architects

    Brown, Richardson & Rowe

    Clarissa Rowe

    Lisa Roth

    Annie Blair


    Gillham, Gander & Chin

    Candy Gander

Civil and Structural Engineers

    Joint Venture of Greenman-Pederson, Inc. +

    Ammann & Whitney Vollmer Associates

Fabrication and Installation

    JF White Contracting Company

    Sean Curley

    Ryan Iron Works

    Ed Johnson

Central artery Tunnel Project

    Fred Yalouris

    Charlotte Fleetwood

    Bill Lindemulder

    Youseef Khalifeh

    Brij Goyal

Project Assistant

    Mary Lucking

Historical Consultant

    Nancy Seashoals

Work completed within Central Artery Highway Project 19BA contract for  site restoration after I-93 highway construction.

Potato Sack Bollard - cast concrete

A stack of potato bags, recalls the history of potato storage sheds that existed in the area in the late 19th and early 20th century when this was the end of the Boston & Maine Railroad line.

Harbor Depth Markings

Sandblast into concrete are numbers from harbor depth charts that indicate the depth in that location prior to landfill in the late 1800’s.

Custom light poles

Light poles with markings inspired by the davit arms used along this area to unload boats in the 17th and 18th Century. Traditional MDC Charles River Basin fixture heads connect this lighting progression to existing lighting in the surrounding area.

Walkway over
Miller’s River

Yellow fiberglass decking and painted steel railing of cantilevered pedestrian walkway leading through a monochrome landscape of concrete piers supporting
the highway above.

Round stainless steel benches

Historical charts, maps and drawings etched on stainless steel plates.

1835 harbor chart

Graphic etched into SS plate on bench.


Walkway - 2000 feet

from Rutherford Avenue to the Charles River

Walkway - follows under I-93 North/South and leads to  the New Charles River Basin Park (pending completion 2010-2011)

guard rail fence - fabrication of fence with laser cut leaves