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Androscoggin Falls Fountain

Water sculpture inspired by cascades of the nearby Androscoggin River. The Androscoggin Great Falls, visible from the sculpture site, are between Auburn and Lewiston, Maine.


Early native people named the falls Amitgonpontook. Colonial history tells of caves and hiding places behind the rushing waterfall. Beginning in the 1930's the river was diverted into power plants, during summer months low water levels expose rugged bedrock.


To create the sculptures's sheet cascade effect, water is pumped through 36 feet of narrow bronze nozzles within the stainless steel structures. A field of pink granite boulders shapes and diverts the water as it falls. The 560 gallon-per-minute water flow is continuously filtered and recycled.


At night, focused spotlights within the fountain structure illuminate the water flow and highlight the boulders.


Site: Festival Plaza, Auburn Maine

Competition winning plan, design
and landscape

Icon Architecture

John Ryther

John Shields

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