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come experience -> First Friday in York, PA  on  12.1.2017

experimental installations by students from York College

Creative Computing course

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Hi Jason;


- here is a (private) draft site I started as a placeholder for project stuff 

lets talk and I can add some things...


In York, Pennsylvania, in the fall of 1777, representatives of the thirteen independent states met as the Second Continental Congress to debate and edit the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union.  This hard won agreement provided a structure for mutual benefit and defense, and was a precursor to the United States Constitution. The Articles named this early confederacy “The United States of America.”  After several months of negotiation, the Articles of Confederation were adopted in York on November 15, 1777.   Printed versions were then sent from York for final review by each of the thirteen states, and formal ratification was completed by 1781.

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