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Hard Bargians  a public art project in collaborative development for York, PA.

Inspired by the ideas behind the Articles of Confederation, Hard Bargains celebrates York’s unique position in the early history of the American republic -

as the place where delegates from 13 independent states first agreed to form a permanent union - a confederacy that was bigger than the sum of its parts.

The artwork will spotlight the creation and the adoption, in 1777 in York, of the Articles of Confederation. This pivotal, hard-negotiated agreement served to direct the common security and defense interests of the 13 sovereign states for a 10-year period before the adoption of the U.S. Constitution in 1789.  

Hard Bargains will use public art as a vehicle to challenge and engage the viewer with these rich and significant ideas at the heart of York’s role in our nation’s early history. To develope this project a group of artists and consultants will explore a wide range of methods to tell this dramatic story, including multiple sculptural objects, urban landscape features, and public events and celebrations.

Collaborating artists and community members include:





York sky 2
York round gathering 2
York Circles 1
York Gathering SIDE VIEW
York chiar 3

concept sketch drafts





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