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Light Rover

The Light Rover is a public art tool designed to seek out an illuminate hidden beauty in the urban landscape.


Inspired by its kin, the Mars Rover, this urban lght machine illuminates places and things we have never seen (quite that way) before.

Traversing city streets under two person bicycle pedal power the Light Rover’s high-output LED spotlights throw beams of focused color. Light is directed to explore details of the night city, to celebrate architectural ornament hidden in shadow, to spotlight clouds of steam, to delight the eye with urban discovery. The Light Rover reveals found artwork by focusing our attention on overlooked wonders.


Sponsored by the Downtown Boston BID


Project Manager: Anita Lauricella

On-site Technical: Geoff Nielson


Project Concept and Design:  Ross Miller

Electrical Consultant: Stuart Cody



Light Rover Boston Ambassadors
Light Rover Emerson Students
Light Rover on Geenway
Light test in studio
Fabrication in studio
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