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Multi Factorial Apperception


A contemporary theory informed by awareness that an ever-expanding exposure to ideas made possible by the internet has changed both the act of creation, and the experience of perception, is know as Multi Factorial Apperception (MFA). This approach seeks to integrate a wide range of cultural variables to expand the contextual frame for viewing the creation, and perception, of aesthetic experience. Emphasis is on a dynamic mulit-layerd cultural framing of the act of creation at a particular moment in time, and admits that the meaning of a particular work will be in flux from that moment onward.

- Wikipedia


MFA Method

A practice for observing artwork, with an expanding open-source approach to exploring how an artwork may embody culture, historical time period, and context-based conditions of meaning in the present moment.

This method is not intended for critical analysis but rather as a stance to amplify engaged observation and contemplation through expanding the range of cultural, visual, and theoretical consideration.


Apperception:  the mental process by which a person makes sense of an idea by assimilating it to the body of ideas he or she already possesses.


aesthetic response

location on timeline





creative action

landscape of explication


meaning in context(s)

formal coherance

emotional expression

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 moment of creation 





(cultural data base)

viewer experience

creator experience



(creator's data base)


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