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Shadows of Barry's Corner


Urban park lighting with a series of full spectrum LED fixtures mounted within the trees aimed to light the walkways and the natural landscape with color sequences composed for each season.


This dynamic lighting system is part of the landscape development of The Grove, a new public greenspace developed by Harvard university at the intersection of North Harvard Street and Western Avenue in Allston, MA.


During winter months warm color patterns of purples, magentas and reds illuminate the landscape and trees. For the spring the lighting shifts to the blue range, then cyan and green for the summer months. Summer lighting is aimed to draw attention to the tree canopy, highlighting branch forms and leaf details. 


Throughout the year every half-hour between 8 and 11 p.m. short 30-second multi-color sequences animate the walkways and landscape features.


For users of the park the lighting provides both safe passage and the opportunity to pause and discover new ways to experience the environment. 


The site was was once home to Barry’s Corner, a tightly-knit working-class neighborhood changed by urban renewal and development in the 1960’s.


Note: final lighting installation was completed between bllizzards in the winter of 2015. During gusts of blowing snow the lights were adjusted to illuminate what look like giant candy-colored piles. With spring melt the winter color becomes less dramatic, until the snows return again...





The Grove, corner of Western Ave. and North Harvard Street, Allston, MA.


Harvard Planning & Project Management


Project Artist and Design:  

Ross Miller


Technical Consultant:

Matt Payette



Harvard Campus Services  

    Energy & Facilities

Ross Miller Studio

Timothy Kadish





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Barry's Corner History






detail of one of five winter color sequences

begining of spring color phase

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