Steet Cleaning...


To highlight the essential public service of maintaining Cambridge city streets and to celebrate our community by bringing Cambridge voices to a process that some take for granted.                                                                                           



Proposed is public art project to bring new voices to the familiar pre street sweeping announcement.


This collaborative project intends to engage the ear and enliven the early morning spirit -  while still effectively alerting people to move their cars in preparation for the DPW’s street cleaning work.

Imagine the existing announcement text sung in harmony by a local choral group, read by a public school student, performed by a comedian, sung by a chorus of DPW employees, presented as a Rap song, or with a jazz accompaniment.                                                                                            




• Meet with Cambridge DPW to share ideas, understand opportunities and concerns.

• Develop roster of a variety of voices, create arrangements, record audio samples



• Review of recordings and revisions, outreach and feedback

• Refine sound recordings as needed for demonstration test 

• Review and modifications (approvals)

• Refinements to concept, new recordings as required

• Project announcement, outreach, press

• Neighborhood roll-out

Project collaborators include:


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