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Wind Totem  public sculpture project under development fall, 2016

In collaboration with artists from Boston's Artists for Humanity, Ross Miller is developing Wind Totem, a large-scale public sculpture to be permanently installed at a highly-traversed corner of South Boston’s new Channel Center Park. 


This location is a crossroads in Boston’s Innovation District - an intersection for artists, local residents, biotechnologists, and bankers. The sculpture will capture this sense of colliding cultural diversities by featuring a triple helix vertical structure with horizontal joints where the curves converge; each convergence will yield an 8.7’ domed segment with interior elements that interact with the wind by creating light effects, music, and spinning optical illusions.


The individual wind-powered elements are being developed by student artists working in the Artists for Humanity 3D Design Studio. Each element will be derived from a totem, or a symbol of who s/he is and what s/he wants to share with the world. Wind Totem will overlook the crossroads as a metaphor of the variety of “tribes” who share Channel Center Park. 




Project support from:


Artists for Humanity

City of Boston Browne Fund

New England Foundation for the Arts

Collaborating members of

Artist for Humanity include:




Ben Durrell

Hanna Fallon

Amy Jiang


Geniya Ramirez

Jason Talbot



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